Most Visited Dog Parks in Phoenix Arizona

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Most Visited Dog Parks in Phoenix Arizona

Most Visited Dog Parks in Phoenix Arizona

It is a fact that the majority of the American households own a pet. Not all pet owners have the opportunity to own a home with a roomy living space or a yard for their dogs to run around and play. Most dogs do well in a limited living space, but there are some breeds that need a big area so they will be sufficiently exercised.

Our furry friends need to have daily walks, exercise and to socialize and Phoenix is blessed with several terrific dog parks. It’s not just dogs who enjoy park visits as many people also enjoy going just to sit around, play with their dogs and enjoy the sun.

In Phoenix, there’s a place to take your pets for playtime no matter where you live as it boasts many dog parks to choose from. Here is a list of the most visited dog parks in Phoenix, Arizona with everything you need to know before heading out with your four-legged family members.


  • Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena

Located on 2.3 acres of grass in Grover’s Basin, this area has separate double-gated fenced areas for large and small dogs, drinking fountains and Mutt Mitt waste stations in each dog area. 

  • PETSMART Dog Park at Washington Park

Six-foot-tall fences surround 2.65 acres of grass for dogs to play, two double-gated entrances, benches, Mutt Mitt waste-disposal stations and drinking fountains for humans and pets also are provided. Large trees located along the perimeter of the park provide shade. There’s a small area of the park that is fenced off for smaller dogs.

  • Sky Harbor International Airport. Terminal 3 and 4

Traveling pets have a place to stretch their legs, get a drink of water and even take a restroom break at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In Terminal 3, the “Paw Pad” is a fenced area for dogs to stretch their legs after a long flight. It offers water spigots and bowls, paw shaped decorations, “Mutt Mitts” for cleaning up and, of course, a red fire hydrant.

In Terminal 4, the “Bone Yard” provides a gravel area, shaped like a dog bone, where pet owners can take their companion animals for a restroom break. “Mutt Mitts” are provided for owners to clean up after their pets. The “Bone Yard” also provides two water faucets and buckets for pets that need to re-hydrate.

  • Rose Mofford Sports Complex

This park features 2.5 acres just north of Dunlap Avenue in North Phoenix and is divided into separate, double-gated areas for large and small dogs. There are water fountains, benches, trees, “Mutt Mitt” stations, and the park is accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Hance Park

Opened on October 5, 2013, this is Phoenix’s newest dog park. This off-leash area has separately fenced ADA-accessible areas for large and small dogs. The large-dog area is .76 acre and the small-dog area is .23 acre. There are chilled water fountains with integrated drinking bowls at ground level for pooches.

In visiting these dog parks, there are a set of simple rules that visitors have to follow to make every visit pleasant for everyone. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your dog’s action so make sure they adhere to your commands.

Give these dog parks and this beautiful city a visit and experience everything that Phoenix has to offer. For a list of properties in and around Phoenix real estate and for more information, visit Luxury Valley Homes

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