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Property Management Services

Luxury Valley Homes

Vacant Property Services

  • Weekly Inspections
  • White Glove Cleaning
  • Change Locks or Keys on request
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Utility Checks, i.e., Electric, Water, Gas
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Repairs or Improvements Requested by Owner
  • Accounting
  • Web Access for 24/7 review on property activity




Luxury Valley Homes offers complete real estate services. Whether you are investing in additional properties or feel it is time to cash in on your investment, LVH Properties & Management will facilitate all aspects of the transaction.

  • Acquisitions – Looking for the perfect rental property to add to your portfolio?  LVH Properties & Management can help you to identify the right properties and close the deal quickly and efficiently.
  • Property Evaluation – Is your property ready to rent or sell?  LVH Properties & Management provides Real Estate Consulting services to help you to maximize your rent or sale price.
  • Appraisals – The big question – “What is my property worth?”  We can give you the answer based on real market data.


Luxury Valley Homes is on the cutting edge of new technology and innovative marketing systems, which allow us to sell your properties faster. Our on-going marketing campaigns generate over 225 leads a day. This allows us to find the right homeowner for your property within a manageable time frame. A few key marketing campaigns that allow us a competitive advantage for your properties are:

On line Advertising

  • Internet Campaign: Our Database is shared with over 50 web sites generating over 1 Million views a month.
  • MLS: Properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by Real Estate professionals;
  • Signs: Large and unique sign in every yard;
  • Cross Marketing: All potential property inquires are profiled and stored for follow-up marketing;
  • Video Walk-through: We create a digital video of all our properties that we market for maximum coverage & ease of viewing for potiential buyers

Home Improvement and Rehab Services

Luxury Valley Homes will provide quick turnaround on rehab or improvement projects. With over 25 years of combined experience in building and construction, our staff will provide:Phoenix Home

  • Complete quote
  • Scope of work
  • Before and After Photos
  • City Inspection and Compliance


LVH has also partnered with major suppliers, including Home Depot, Lowes, Spencers, and others to get the best pricing on materials. Our Construction Manager continually researches new projects and pricing in order to get the best value for our clients who own rentals in th Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the entire metro area that makes up the Valley of the Sun in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Whether your property in the Valley of the Sun needs sprucing up, insurance claim work, renovation, lead based paint inspection, or work to meet new or existing code, LVH can do it for you quickly, efficiently, and within a budget that will work for you.



Luxury Valley Homes has worked very hard to establish a pricing model that is affordable for investors and homeowners alike. We accomplish this while our property managers maintain the highest level of service. Our pricing for single family homes is as follows:Property Management Services

  • Weekly Inspection Fee: Management Fees are calculated on a graduated scale according to distance from our office.
    • Within 1 mile of our office our weekly inspection fee is $40.00
    • Between 2 and 5 miles from our office our weekly inspection fee is $55.00
    • Between 6 and 10 miles from our office our weekly inspection fee is $70.00
    • Between 11 and 15 miles from our office our weekly inspection fee is $85.00
    • Between 16 and 20 miles from our office our weekly inspection fee is $100.00
    • Above 21 miles from our office our weekly inspection fee is $105.00 plus $0.50 cents per mile
  • Set Up Fee Option 1: A fee of $450 for a vacant property is paid up-front.
  • Set Up Fee Option 2: NO FEE is collected up front. When you request that this property is marketed and sold by the Luxury Valley Homes after the vacancy period has been terminated. Our marketing fee is 3% for LVH and 3% to the cooperating broker (Buyer’s Agent)
  • Administration Fee: A 10% fee is applied to all expenses paid by Luxury Valley Homes on behalf of your property.
  • Improvement/Rehab Costs: All related projects will require a Request For Quote by our contractors. Owner will approve the winning bid and LVH will project mangage the job for 10% of the project cost.



Dedicated Staff

Dedicated Staff 

Luxury Valley Homes has recruited a top-notch staff who are leaders in the industry in providing customer service and client satisfaction.  Each member of the staff can be seen on-line.  We are here to handle the details – contracts, marketing, property showings, maintenance, compliance issues, renovation, sales and acquisitions – professionally, with transparency, and with accountability.





Property Management Services