Moving Truck or Mobile Storage?

Moving Truck or Mobile Storage?

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Moving Truck or Mobile Storage?

Moving Truck or Mobile Storage?

When preparing to move, one of the many questions people have is whether a mobile storage unit or moving truck is the best available option. Different people will have different needs and preferences which mean both options will have pros and cons depending upon the situation. We try to break it down for you and analyze the important factors prior to moving.

In this article we will analyze the timetable of the move, the distance of the move and how much help is available to you during the move. We will also break each of these down by analyzing the pros of a moving truck and mobile storage. Read on for the analysis:

Moving Truck

If you are moving in a short amount of time and need to be out of your current residence quickly, a moving truck might be for you. The truck will cost less than mobile storage based on days or hours alone. You can also pick up and drop off the truck whenever you please.

Moving is obviously much easier when you have some friends and family to help you along. With some help, you can easily load and unload a truck in a few hours.

A moving truck is also convenient and somewhat affordable for longer trips. Moving companies will typically charge a fee, plus mileage and gas depending upon the distance of your move. Be sure to get at least 3-5 quotes prior to moving in order to secure the best deal.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is great if you know in advance you will be moving. A mobile storage unit allows you to pack your items in a timely manner, place them in the storage container and then receive them at your new residence. The time of your move will be less and the hassle will also be minimized.

Mobile storage is also a great option if you don’t have much help to move. The ability to load and unload the storage unit at your own pace is key. You are most likely being charged a monthly fee anyway, so what does it matter if it takes you 2 days or 28 days to do it? The more stuff you have to move, the more time it will take, the more expensive a truck and helpers will be and the better the mobile storage option is.

A long distance move can rack up the costs of a mobile storage unit. They are convenient but during long moves they can get to be more expensive than moving trucks. Again, be sure to get 3-5 quotes to be better prepared and understand the cost.

In the end, moving trucks and mobile storage units both have pros and cons depending upon the situation. Typically, the longer the moving distance, the better the moving truck option and the longer time period until you move, the better the mobile storage option. Should you need mobile storage or Phoenix self storage once you get to your new living space, can assist your needs.

Moving Truck or Mobile Storage
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