Moving Tips

Moving Tips

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We understand moving is a stressful, chaotic time in your life which is why we continuously speak with movers and moving companies. We want to make your move as easy and seamless as possible. This list of moving tips should help you on your way whether you are moving cross country or just down the street.

  1. Get 3-5 moving quotes
    1. Be sure to get a minimum of 3 moving quotes in order to determine how much your move will cost. With at least 3 offers you can see a high/low range and pick the best option.
  2. Move during non-peak months
    1. If possible, avoid moving during April-September as the moving companies will charge higher rates because it is moving season.
  3. Pack before you move
    1. Pack as many boxes, break down beds and cribs and be as prepared as possible prior to your moving day so you aren’t scrambling the day you move.
  4. Get renters insurance
    1. Get renters insurance prior to moving in order to ensure your belongings are covered on the truck during the move.
  5. Measure before you buy
    1. Measure doorways, hallways and bedrooms prior to moving and/or purchasing new items. Your old and new furniture should easily fit into your new living space.
  6. Bring cash
    1. You will need to tip the movers and purchase food for yourself during the drive.
  7. Pay your bills
    1. Settle all of your bills and expenses prior to moving to your new residence. No need to worry about unpaid water bills after you move.
  8. Transfer your mail
    1. Transfer all of your mail and bills to your new address.
    1. Budget for items you will need immediately in your new place. Food and drinks are important but you may also need a lawnmower, fan, lamps or desk.

These moving tips should give you a good start prior to packing up your things. If you need additional space for your new residence once you move, can assist you with locating a self storage unit. If you need a Phoenix self storage unit, we have you covered.

Moving Tips
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