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Buying Phoenix Real Estate

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Home Ownership: Successful Planning with the systematic steps to help you when buying a home.

  1. Are you Ready?

  2. Get a REALTOR®

  3. Get Loan Pre-Approval

  4. Look at Homes

  5. Choose a Home

  6. Get Funding

  7. Make an Offer

  8. Get Insurance

  9. Closing

  10. What’s Next?

Home Ownership: Successful Planning Steps

scottsdale real estate videoBuyers should first check their FICO (Fair Isaac Corp) credit scores to be certain a mortgage can be obtained at the best possible interest rate. One such place to check our credit is http://www.myfico.com/ Last we checked they will review your credit reports from the three national credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion , and Experian. By checking credit at all three bureaus, there is time to correct any errors before applying for a mortgage.

You can obtain free credit reports from the Federal Trade Commission on their website at Free Annual Credit Report or call 1-877-332-8228. However, those reports don’t include FICO scores, which all major mortgage lenders use.

Any FICO score above 700 nearly assures you will get the lowest mortgage interest rate. Armed with your credit reports and FICO scores, the next step is to shop for written mortgage pre-approval.

When you find a home a Purchase Contract Document will be the instrument of conveyance. A sample copy is provided (Subject to change) in a PDF file format so you can become familiar with the document before you have to use it with the offer on your next house.  This is the document used when you buy homes in Phoenix Scottsdale.

A must read document called the Buyer Advisory is provided by the Arizona Association of Real Estate.  For those of you that will buy homes in Phoenix Scottsdale this is must reading.  You may also be interested in the questions to ask a REALTOR®.

The real facts about weather, participation and crime in Phoenix Arizona.

Buy homes in Scottsdale where golf is greatDo you like to play golf and you’re wondering where all the Golf Course are in Arizona? Click on golf courses above to find the course that’s right for you.  Scottsdale Real Estate GatewayWhether you are buying or selling a home in Scottsdale, known as the “most livable city” hire someone like us, who wants to earn your business. We invite you to contact us as we would be happy to assist you important event.

 Scottsdale Relocation Guide - FREE

Scottsdale Relocation Guide

We offer an excellent guide for the Scottsdale area to our new customers. The guide has extensive information on dining, clubbing, golfing, recreation, shopping and much more.

Get your Free Guide ->>>

Calculate the difference in Cost-of-Living from your old to new location. Salary Calculator

Figure out what you can afford with our Mortgage Payment Calculator.  

Not sure how much money you’ll have to earn per year to afford your house payment
and accompanying expenses? Find out by clicking here.  

Find Your Dream Home   

Get expert AdviceLooking for a place to stay or hotel during your home search in our greater Phoenix area? Two of our favorites are the Marriott At Desert Ridge and the Princess.

Of course, there are a host of places to stay to accommodate our tourists so you have a huge choice to pick from. Just click here to investigate other lodging that meets your needs.

If you need Pet Friendly Lodging during your stay they are available in all price ranges.

Want to know more about the Valley of the Sun? Check out the Publication by ARG Publications LLC – It’s free and it is available immediately in an e-book. Just click the link below.

Relocation Guide

It has interesting information on the area but it is also internet speed dependant.

If you need more information about how to buy homes in Phoenix Scottsdale just email or call us at 480-595-6412 with your questions. 

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1. Are You Ready 2. Get a REALTOR® 3. Get Loan Pre-Approval
4. Look at Homes 5. Choose a Home 6. Get Funding
7. Make an Offer 8. Get Insurance 9. Closing
  10. What’s Next?  

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